WISH I TOOK THIS: A regular series highlighting some of my favourite creatives. 

Nahwand’s IG bio should read: “Got you stuck off the realness, I be the infamous.” One for my hiphop heads #RIPProdigy

The authenticity of his portraits always resonate with me as it’s something I have struggled with at times. It’s not easy capturing intimacy when someone is a complete stranger! You need to get the balance between the subject and their surroundings, offering just the right amount of context to bring the story to life. 

I know he often uses a Sony 35mm 1.4 on his travels so on my recent trip to Kenya I visited the slums of Kibera armed with my Sony 35mm 2.8 instead of my trusted 50mm and tried to channel my inner Nahwand. I still have some way to go but in the meantime check out more of his work at https://www.instagram.com/nahwandjaff.photo/