The majority of the people I follow on Instagram are ridiculously talented photographers who I religiously stalk and admire. This weekend I had the opportunity to meet them in person as I attended my very first photowalk.

Off Centr's debut was a brilliant day out and a great chance to network, socialise and exercise those creative muscles. Instagram often gets a bad wrap due to the endless selfies and flat tummy tea adverts. However Off Centr was evidence that it can be used for something positive! Posting heart eye emojis under a picture doesn't compare to being able to tell a photographer in person how much you appreciate their work. Likewise, hearing from fellow creatives how your work inspires them is all the motivation you need to keep going and to keep challenging yourself. It definitely felt like a community is forming and I am very much looking forward to the next photowalk. 

In the meantime check out a few of the images I captured below and make sure to follow @offcentr on Instagram.