This weekend, an artist reached out on Instagram and invited me to visit their latest installation as part of the Brixton Design Trail with the theme being Love is Power. Wasim is a team member from AWMA, a London based multi-disciplinary design collective made up of four creatives from diverse backgrounds and fields.

The project named ‘Hubb’ (meaning ‘love’ in Arabic) was placed in the middle of bustling Windrush Square, Just outside the Black Cultural Archives. Although not very large in size, stepping inside and gazing up through the tower is a truly transformative experience. The structure takes the concept of a minaret and shares it with the public. The call to prayer lures you in and once you are, you’re awestruck by the inscriptions of the 100 names of Allah (God). 

AWMA hope Hubb will become an integrated metaphor of the power of bringing a community together in congregation, and in solitude, in sharing and in reflecting. I very much enjoyed watching the diverse community of Brixton be drawn to it by the reflective outer body in the afternoon sun.